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Ninja Online Bot Open Beta Introduction [Copy URL]

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Post time 2016-4-28 04:44:05 |Show all posts

Ninja Online Bot is an official assisting tool for Ninja Online. It provides various automatic functions to help simplifying the complex game play and enhance the game experience.

Key Features:

Auto Main Quests

Automatically help you finish main quests and quick upgrade before lv.35. You can choose your prefered clan( Join Clan Uchiha Clan, Uzumaki Clan or Senju Clan) to start your Ninja Journey.

Auto Fortify Equipment

Automatically help you to fortify Equipment. You can choose to fortify which character's equipments, what kinds of equipments, how many times to fortify and upgrade priority. Your equipment will stay strong to kill enemys.

Auto Daily Quests

Automatically help you finish daily quests, such as challenge realm, challenge players in arena, practice Chakra, collect treasure tree in guild and treasure hunt.

Auto Battle

Automatically battle in different stages, such as lost tower, top kages, elite match and mount myoboku

Auto Activities

Automatically participate in daily activities, including Battle Beasts, Konoha Conquest and rebel's attack. Players will receive massive sliver, EXP, Coupons and Potency Pills.


1, Ninja Online Game Helper Free Trial

We offer a free trial of our Ninja Online Game Helper. You can use Ninja Online Game Helper for 3 hours at a time.

2, How to Install and use Ninja Online Game Helper

Download our tool online and double click to open it. Go to login menu, paste registration code in the input box to register it. Then open your online game and log into your game

.Finally, select your preferred functions and then click F10 to launch our tool and enjoy it!

3, Is Ninja Online Game Helper safe?

We takes the security of our users very seriously. This Ninja Online Game Helper has been independently tested by several security analysts and found to be completely safe and malware free.

4, Do I Have the Software Requirements?

This is a Windows 7+ computer program and must be downloaded from your PC. This will not work on a mobile device.

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Post time 2016-4-28 05:49:08 |Show all posts
Edited by at 2016-4-28 05:54

i really would like to know what happens if this tool bugs out on you and spends a lot of your gold/coupons?^^ u could at least show us screenshots whith all the settings and such :S
not really seeing the benefit in using this tool (more like risk it) with vip9 i almost have all the benefits that comes with the tool.

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Post time 2016-4-28 10:35:19 |Show all posts replied at 2016-4-28 10:49
i really would like to know what happens if this tool bugs out on you and spends a lot of your gold/ ...

you'll have to mail the support and they end up asking 20k top up to fix your account x)

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Post time 2016-5-1 23:08:38 |Show all posts
Will the source code be open for review? Like I said on a previews thread, "Trust me guys, this is safe" doesnt cut it.

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Post time 2016-5-4 08:16:10 |Show all posts
I was hoping if you guys could make a mac version too.
Much obliged

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Xiaobai's Slave

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Post time 2016-5-4 21:13:42 |Show all posts
I was going to test it out since I can't be online during Suppress Beast event, but from my understanding.... You send in an activation code to use the FREE trial version and that code will last an hour from the point that you activate it. So basically, you're expected to be online at the time that you would want a bot (Typically, bots would be online when you can't be online.) in order to activate it then it'll do whatever for 1 hour. The 1 hour limit is fine to me, but I can't really activate the bot at 6 AM and expect it to do beast for me 7 hours later.

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Post time 2017-1-7 03:55:33 |Show all posts
pls make mac version too

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Post time 2018-4-2 01:54:44 |Show all posts
Hello, i want a code and a link to download it also please

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s900 on plaync100 - Arshinoa

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Post time 2018-4-3 16:45:43 |Show all posts replied at 2018-4-2 01:54
Hello, i want a code and a link to download it also please

I doubt if it ever worked, if you want to help with daily tasks then use Coowon browser. (Speed up, Automatic Task)

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Post time 2018-9-7 01:12:14 |Show all posts
Instead of a bot, make the game less laggy.

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