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An Official New Tool for Unlimited Ninja!——Ninja Online Game Helper [Copy URL]

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Post time 2016-4-12 02:17:00 |Show all posts

Dear players,

Ninja Online Game Helper is a offical assisting tools for Unlimited Ninja. It is a small, simple and stable software. Helping players simplify the complex game play and enhance the game experience. We are inviting you to participate in this close beta. The close beta will start on 12 April 2016. The beta will last for one week and you will need a verification code to activate Ninja Online Game Helper.


l Positive, enthusiastic and passionate about browser game;

l High level & regular players of Unlimited Ninja;

Close beta survey

You can give us direct feedback by completing the close beta survey. We will give rewards to players who give us valuable feedback.

Survey link:

How to get Verification Code

Please visit our Facebook page

and leave message stating you want the verification code for Ninja Game Helper close beta and also including your character name, level, server ID and e-mail address. We will then send you the verification code. Please beware that the verification code is limited, you may not get one if the all the verification code have been given away.

Download link

(04/18/2016 Colse Beta Update)

Gentle hint

our tool is still in the close beta test, there will be a antivirus software error, please ignore it, our tool is absolutely safe!

If you don’t have a Facebook account or have feedback, please e-mail to us!

E-mail ID:


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Post time 2016-4-12 12:33:43 |Show all posts
Kaspersky detect it as being a virus : Nimnul.a

Virus.Win32.Nimnul.a is a dangerous trojan infection which creates a start-up registry entry to run automatically every time you start your computer. Virus.Win32.Nimnul.a changes Internet settings and redirects your web browser to unwanted websites. Virus.Win32.Nimnul.a may change your desktop background and adds strange web shortcuts to the desktop, which usually leads to advertisement web pages or adult websites. Virus.Win32.Nimnul.a is able to modify other files by infecting, pretending, or overwriting them with its own body. Virus.Win32.Nimnul.a is able to install spy or keylogger programs which are used to steal private information, such as credit card details, login number, password, etc. Virus.Win32.Nimnul.a is also used by rogue anti-spyware applications to download themselves to affected computers.

I do not think that you would post a virus, redirecting to unwanted web sites or retrieving personal data, but  still, in essence its a virus

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Post time 2016-4-12 14:56:39 |Show all posts
da44da replied at 2016-4-12 12:33
Kaspersky detect it as being a virus : Nimnul.a


So your saying that link have virus???

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Susanoo God

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Post time 2016-4-12 15:01:47 |Show all posts
da44da replied at 2016-4-12 12:33
Kaspersky detect it as being a virus : Nimnul.a


Interesting.  Thanks for the heads up, I feel bad for anyone who downloaded the virus

Did you download it? Also, how did you figure it out (easy way or hard way?)

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best kita kita dancer

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Post time 2016-4-12 15:18:41 |Show all posts
Edited by ladeboras at 2016-4-12 21:24

he probably means that "Win32.Nimnul.a" is recognised from the kaspersky as virus or possible virus.
that does not mean that it is virus.anything that an antivirus data is not recognised is considered a possible threat.
like when you download games that the patch to make game to work is recognised as virus but eventually you decide to continue progress at your own risk, same could happen with the "ninja online game helper".

personally the biggest risk is the ninja online game helper to mess your account either for personal or program mistake.
since company never compensate apropriate or solve for free things,  in my case using the ninja helper is a risk i do not plan to participate.

xiaobai does not give much of info details regarding it.
is it a management tool that allows you to arange things even with your pc off or it needs connection so you should let your pc and internet connection on for the helper to do all things?
what happens if your bag is full and temp vault too?
will other ppl see your account being online, will they get a msg that the person they try to talk is not really online?

the survey you need to complete allows to have a narrow view of the helper benfits

Automatic finish main quests (from level 1 to level 31)Upgrade your fortify your equipment automatically
Challenge realm automatically
Challenge trial automatically
Auto-fight in arena
Practice Chakra automatically
Hunt treasure automatically
Play JanKen Punch in ”Bar” automaticall
Practice Chakra automatically
Battle beasts automatically
Conquest Konoha automatically in activity
Revive gold automatically in activity
Attack rebel automatically

but i am unsure whether these benefits really help.
only helpful i find is for someone making 34 new alt accounts that lets the program managing them so he can own a guild him/herself.
but still there is no info regarding if that program works like an alarm clock.
you arange while online things and then except them to be done auto like an alarm clock sets the ringing time, if so for how long?

if you let a program to manage your account you lose the right to ask for any sort of compesation bc in the end you choose to use it, was not forced on you.
ppl reaction on updates not coming

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Post time 2016-4-13 05:34:32 |Show all posts
Avast detect it as being a virus : Nimnul.a and other 3 virus

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Rorschach EU s 17

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Post time 2016-4-13 07:11:47 |Show all posts
Edited by at 2016-4-13 11:14

It's called a false positive. It happens all the time. There's nothing to worry about. Avast sucks when it comes to detecting actual threats. There is nothing wrong with this program/link. Only an idiot would think that the mods would link you an infected program.

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Post time 2016-4-13 07:52:14 |Show all posts
I took a little peek at it.

Currently the login interface overlaps with the other tabs which is very annoying, fix it or is it intended?

anyway this would actually be handy for non vips

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Knock Knock

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Post time 2016-4-13 17:15:04 |Show all posts
bengast replied at 2016-4-13 07:52
I took a little peek at it.

Currently the login interface overlaps with the other tabs which is ver ...

not really , because you need to Activate it first , then the other tab ( the activation one ) will be gone
to get   a code use the surviry or comment on fb , ur email player name server and lvl and the higher level you are the mostly will be picked

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Post time 2016-4-13 17:28:13 |Show all posts
they gave me the code but I can't register ..really nothing happens whatever I click

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